avail Solutions Provided Through TechXtend in Canada

Creating a Lifetime of Independence.

avail is revolutionizing the way we support people with disabilities, promoting independence for people with autism, down syndrome, and other special needs.

What is avail?

avail is an educational platform that promotes learning and independence for children and adults with Development/ Intellectual Disabilities, maximizing the learner’s personal strength. avail provides a guide for Parents or Care Staff to create individualized, step-by-step instructions of daily tasks using videos, picture, audio and text prompts.

App & Web Portal

Track the users progress on the app through the web portal.


Person-centered tasks and schedules with a click of a button.


Notifications on task completion with access to reports and graphs.


Manual and ongoing support is provided to the user and facilitator/job coach.


Incorporates elements of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA).

Benefits of avail

  • Visual guide to create understanding and communication in daily life
  • Personalized step-by-step prompts that promote independence and reducing reliance on facilitators/job coach
  • Based on similar goals and outcomes achieved through 1:1 intervention
  • Clear display and format for ease of use
  • Confidence and reassurance provided through our manual and ongoing support
  • Transforming your child’s confidence by providing a visual learning path

Who is avail for?

Day services, employment services, and schools can all benefit from using avail to teach new skills, tasks or to create schedules. These can be created using an array of prompts customized to your learners learning style and ability. The avail app is engaging and fun, with an option to add a personalized reward step at the end of a task using audio/visual/video e.g “Well done Tom! You got five minutes on the iPad.”

We know the need to provide supports that best fits your learner’s ability, reduces reliance and shows outcomes. Using the knowledge gained from our work in the field we have developed the avail software to follow best practice guidelines to bring the most benefit to your learner.

About avail

avail’s founder, Lisa Marie Clinton, has over 10 years of in-depth, hands on experience in the field of education and skills for individuals with developmental and learning disabilities.

Fueled with her passion, drive and vast real-life expertise, Lisa Marie set about creating a revolutionary tool to promote lifelong learning, focusing on helping children and young adults to live an independent life or reach a point that can fulfil their maximum potential. Through further study in a Masters and Dissertation, Lisa Marie researched the underpinning data for avail in 2014.

Since then, Lisa Marie has continued to research and develop avail into the revolutionary support it is today. Thanks to avail, learners, parents and organizations, now have access to a personal-centered support that is transforming the lives of individuals with disabilities.

Partnership with TechXtend

Sharing the common passion of helping learners with disabilities succeed inside the classroom and beyond, TechXtend Education Solutions partnered with avail to bring that passion to fruition. avail services an area we do not yet provide solutions for, which is independent living outside classroom walls. Currently, we only offer avail solutions in Canada, but will be looking to expand the partnership in the near future.

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