Delivering Better Technology Investments for Education

Schools everywhere are talking tech these days. Technology is a core investment for schools, but the debate over where and how to invest precious resources has always been contentious. The mission for IT managers in education at the public and private level is to ensure that systems meet the demands of the organization and stakeholders. Therefore, it is imperative that IT managers do the best possible job of implementing IT budgets that represent the goals of their organization, whether they answer to a school board of elected officials or a university board of directors. Technology and IT spending is just as critical as spending that maintains the brick and mortar facilities of an institution. Delivering a better technology investment is a top priority for TechXtend, and the company has made strides in developing solutions that are designed to help educational institutions meet their defined goals. But how do you know what strategy to follow?

Education Technology Market and Investment

The market for technology in education is growing fast. Technology companies are continually marketing innovative solutions, and schools should see growing investment from the private sector. The public, too, is concerned with improving technology for education. The biggest investments will be coming at the administrative level of organizations. With rapid changes in consumer and commercial technology use, more technology is needed to facilitate learning at the administrative end to keep up. There is a high demand for quality IT management systems–one report last year noted that education technology deals reached $1.6 billion in the first half of 2015. So how can learning institutions respond wisely?

Managed Solutions with a Focus on Scale, Performance and Response

The primary focus for educational institutions does not need to be on getting all the best bells and whistles, which can strain a budget without adding much real value. Rather, the focus should be laser guided on procuring a relationship with a quality provider. Schools can operate better at the administrative level and remove barriers to learning through better-implemented technology on campus. This can be done through targeted management of resources and protocols. Managed IT services, such as those with the TechXtend Difference, can propel administrative and academic operational goals forward to continue with the larger investment of learning and educating. Professional support services can help with efficiency and workflow and solve problems faster so that faculty can focus on education and administrators can focus on running the organization.

Security and Reliability

Schools should also note the great importance of cyber security and campus security as well as the reliability of networks on campus. Reliability is important for students, teachers and administrators. A secure network with near 100 percent uptime will ensure that everyone stays on track to complete their goals, whether it's homework, research or admin. Because many institutions deal with public data, they are often the source of vicious cyber-attacks and those institutions must be prepared not only for a breach but must do everything in their power to prevent breaches from occurring. University Business reported that cyber threats against education-based institutions are on the rise and are targeting the most sensitive information. Foreign governments and criminals are often the culprits. Experts say these institutions need to do more to protect themselves. See how the TechXtend Difference might help your organization stay protected and implement better infrastructure or solutions for technology and IT.