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The Framework for K-12 Success

BuildYourOwnCurriculum (BYOC) is a curriculum management framework focused on improving student achievement in K-12 school districts. Our award-winning software enables districts to bring the teaching–and learning–experience into an evolving documented process that is easy to use, accessible anywhere, and aligned district-wide. By simply entering curriculum once, then continuously assessing and improving, educators can save time on curriculum management, enter a process of continuous improvement, and shift attention to their true passion–teaching.

BYOC was originally created by teachers–for teachers–to build and manage district curriculum. Today, we offer two editions of BYOC giving districts the choice of how their curriculum will drive their classroom instruction. Both options provide district-wide common curriculum, while our upgraded BYOC+ edition offers added features such as district-defined electronic assessments and a curriculum-based classroom management system. Parent access to published curriculum is available using a customized website. Student access to classroom resources, assignments, group discussions, events, and assessments is also available using a secure portal.

Introducing BYOC...

Instructional Consistency

BYOC’s user-friendly online framework allows you to house living, viable district curriculum in a format that guarantees ongoing and systematic growth across your district.

Instructional Consistency

Define consistent learning targets to ensure all students experience the same path of curriculum with smooth grade-to-grade and course-to-course transitions, regardless of the teacher or building.

Continuous Improvement

Once curriculum is written and entered, BYOC allows you to easily make incremental changes at any time, providing your district with opportunity to achieve continual improvement with a viable curriculum.

K-12 Vertical Articulation

Get a “big picture” view of how your curriculum guides instruction. Ensure courses are building upon and feeding into each other, and students are receiving the appropriate instruction for their grade level.

Standard Alignment

Align your curriculum to meet crucial state and national standards. Easily analyze your curriculum alignment within the BYOC database and address issues raised in standards-based assessments.


Create curriculum as unique as your district! Flexible design provides guidance to input curriculum without hindering district creativity, needs or beliefs. Define differentiations in a course, or note accommodations and modifications within a course.

Family and Community Engagement

BYOC makes sharing your curriculum easy. Use BYOC to publish curriculum online for public consumption, providing total transparency to students, families or the entire community.

Nationwide Network

Collaborate with over 500 districts to make curriculum better! Teachers can use the search function to discover and replicate entire courses, units, topics or activities from other districts, while also sharing their own curriculum.

Classroom Management

Ensure your curriculum is driving instruction in the classroom. Teachers can manage classroom activity with district-defined standards, aligned assessments, online assignments, discussion groups and a student portal complete with a calendar of targeted events and announcements.

About Build Your Own Curriculum

Based in Appleton, Wisconsin, School Software Group is a web development and technology company specializing in education. We are best known for our award-winning web-based software, BuildYourOwnCurriculum (BYOC), currently being used in over 500 districts across the country. With a strong focus on product innovation, School Software Group works closely with district partners integrating the latest technology with ever-changing education standards to address the challenges facing today’s educators. Contact TechXtend to learn more!

Partnership with TechXtend

TechXtend is a chief partner of Build Your Own Curriculum, gaining exclusive reseller rights of their products to the New Jersey Public Sector Market. By partnering with BYOC, we offer their innovative solutions to our customers, providing an easier way to create and utilize district curriculum. BYOC is accessible from anywhere, making it simple to enter notes, make changes, and add improvements each year.

“Having worked with partners across the country, we understand that being a leader in technology is important. However, having the educational expertise to bring the best solutions to school districts in New Jersey is what sets TechXtend apart. Through their regional partnerships with Educational Services Commission, the TechXtend team can introduce our curriculum management framework – BuildYourOwnCurriculum - to school districts looking to get serious about creating a curriculum-driven culture. We are truly excited to begin working with Kevin and the TechXtend team in our exclusive partnership in New Jersey,” added Mark Sternig, Product Evangelist, BuildYourOwnCurriculum.

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