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SUITE360 ™ FOR K-12

Evolution Labs’ K-12 solution enables schools and districts to implement a web and app-based digital toolkit that helps students and staff achieve success inside and outside of the classroom. Known broadly as Suite360, the platform was developed with input from students, faculty and parents. Tailored by grade and age to cover specific topics and subjects, the content is grouped into three meta-categories:

  • K-5
  • Middle School
  • High School

Suite360 utilizes web, mobile app, mobile messaging and social media to help K-12 students and parents navigate a range of issues, from social and emotional learning (SEL) to character development to health and wellness. Evolution Labs uses technology as a meeting place, resonating with students by providing a safe space online, without needing to enter a physical building to receive help; Suite360 meets students in their world.

ISS360 for intervention and restorative justice: This revolutionary program for students in detention/suspension engages them in deep topic modules related to their infraction. Designed to reduce recidivism, ISS360 can be deployed in or out of school, on any web-enabled device.

P360 for Parents: Better educate and equip parents to have smart conversations with their children about all the topics/issues kids face today. Improves parent support and alliance with the school/district to act as your partner in their son/daughter’s

Did You Know?

According to the Cyberbullying Research Center, at least 34% of today’s teens acknowledge having experienced cyberbullying, with many other studies suggesting as much as half. According to the New York Post, Cyberbullying in New York City public schools has increased 351% over the past two years. Cyberbullying is no longer a novel threat that makes headlines now and then. It is a defacto part of student life.

In addition to content and programming for students and parents, Suite360 Staff provides staff training on critical topics such as sensitivity training and state-specific compliance training.

About Evolution Labs

Each of our products provide an experience, a solution and a strategy that engages students and parents like never before. Using software such as our Dynamic Discovery Engine™ our technology enables schools to deploy information that’s most relevant to each individual user based on personal and academic attributes, such as year in school, gender, career interests and more. The result: a heightened engagement that drives outcomes–real, measurable results.

Our products live in a multi-channel (web, mobile-web-responsive and app) environment that brings together highly personalized content with UI experience, technology and analytics, resulting in a platform that can literally change the way you engage students. Contact TechXtend to learn more!

Partnership with TechXtend

TechXtend is a leading partner of Evolution Labs’, attaining exclusive reseller rights of their products to the New Jersey Public Sector Market. Through this partnership, we offer Evolution Labs solutions to our customers to address the education of students, administration, and staff in the fight against cyberbullying, social and emotional learning, as well as character development, and health and wellness. Using their app and web-based solution, Evolution Labs supports and connects with students by meeting them in their world.

“We are thrilled to be working in partnership with TechXtend," said Peter Kraft, President of Evolution Labs. "Our collective commitment to safety in schools addresses the issue from both angles, security and mental health/wellbeing. This partnership will allow us to bring a holistic solution to schools to ensure students can flourish in safe learning environments.”

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