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Cloud Security & Back Up Platform

Secure your data and users in G-Suite or Office 365 from cyber threats and risks including phishing attacks, ransomware, data breaches, and more. SysCloud software is ideal for both school districts and commercial businesses, creating safer learning and working environments for the digital age we live in.

SysCloud Four Pillars of Cloud Security for Education

SysCloud is currently being used by over 2,000 schools, colleges, and universities in the US and Canada, securing their G-Suite and Office 365 usage through the Four Pillars of Cloud Security for Education.



SysCloud specifically helps schools gain visibility through a consolidated view of users, locations, behavior, apps & data classification by content type. This includes personally identifiable information, healthcare data, cyberbullying, hate speech, radicalization, pornographic content, and extremism.



Education organizations need to prove conformance to both internal and external regulations. FERPA & CIPA are different types of compliance regulations that educational organizations must follow to make sure that students and staff are safe online. Run your audits to detect FERPA & CIPA violations using our software and turn on ready-to-use templates to automatically protect your organization.


Data Security

Detect and prevent unwanted activities by students using our data classification of all your sensitive data and privileges. Apply our ready-to-use policies with various controls to alert, block, quarantine, delete or take ownership.


Threat Protection

Prevent unwanted users, devices, and apps from gaining unauthorized access to your organization’s data and resources. Our user behavior analytics identifies suspicious and malicious behavior while enabling you to protect your organization from threats.

SysCloud For Business

Threat and Visibility Prevention

Machine learning threat analytics of your stored/shared data, apps, user behavior, credentials compromise and misuse, locations and devices.

Data Theft, Breaches, and Loss

Stop malicious users or outside criminals from stealing your business data via email, document sharing, compromised credentials, unauthorized exposure, and data exfiltration.

Email Security

Detect and quarantine phishing/whaling attacks. Protection against insider misuse, theft and breaches.

Compliance Management

Out-of-the-box visibility and enforcement specific to your industry. Including HIPAA, PCI, SOX, FERPA, CIPA, FIPA, and more.

Apps Multi Cloud Security, Compliance, & Backup

Enforce with ease a single policy across multiple cloud applications including Google Apps, Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce, and Box.

About SysCloud

SysCloud, a Delaware inc, USA company was founded in the year 2013. Our mission is to be the premier machine learning analytics software for cloud security and backup. Our solution protects data and users from cyber threats and risks while using office collaboration suites like Google G suite and Microsoft Office 365.

SysCloud is a premier Google and Microsoft partner.


Partnership with TechXtend

TechXtend is a new addition to the SysCloud family, receiving exclusive reseller rights of their products to the New Jersey Public Sector and Commercial Market. Our partnership with SysCloud allows us to propose a solution with dual purpose: cloud security and backup as well as threat and visibility control, for school and business administrators. SysCloud’s solution creates a safer learning environment for our children and more secure workplace for ourselves, in a time where ransomware, phishing scams, and insider threat are prevalent more than ever.

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