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An Introduction to Products

The first cloud-based system that not only makes plan implementation simple, but also makes documentation and compliance as basic as the plan itself.

TPB IEP/504 Tracker
Documentation and Compliance Made Easy.

  • Keeping with the National Center on Educational Outcome’s 5-step process for documenting accommodations for instruction and assessment, TeacherPlanBook’s IEP/504 Tracker alerts teachers during the planning process of the individual needs of student in their classes.
  • The system guides your team towards required implementation and accurate documentation:
    • Tracks teacher data entry on delivered accommodations and modifications
    • Monitors progress across a school or district
    • Alerts teachers during planning of student needs
    • Generates compliance reports
    • Facilitates Intervention team collaborative planning
    • Documents parent communication
    • Documents and time stamps at-risk factors
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An easy-to-learn, easy-to-use lesson planning system that streamlines and improves the process.

TPB Lesson Planner
More Efficient Planning... More Effective Teaching

  • TBP Lesson Planner streamlines planning, leaving more time and energy for teaching.
  • It improves compliance by integrating Standards into the lesson planner – allowing one-click connection between a lesson and a curriculum Standard.
  • It increases parent/family engagement with tools to share lesson plans and homework assignments.
  • It facilitates lesson review by administrators, with easily printed versions, online access and as data for our TPB Learning Analytics.
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View real-time data with actionable intelligence, on customizable dashboards online at any time.

TPB Learning Analytics
Dashboard for Performance Improvement

  • Profile a successful school and a school needing improvement
  • Determine the difference, to start identifying the problems and solutions through various pre-set available dashboards
  • Test students for baseline and store the results in our TPB Grade Book
  • Train teachers to overcome performance obstacles
  • Retest and reanalyze performance
  • Continue the process to turn the problems into performance improvements before it’s time for standardized testing
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A powerful option for our TPB Lesson Planner, this system gives you visual analysis of class averages & much more.

TPB Grade Book
A traditional or Standards-Based Grade Book with Analytics.

  • TPB Grade Book is available as a Traditional grade book or a Standards-based grade book that accommodates the 5 Common Core domains for Mathematics or the 5-6 Common Core ELA strands.
  • In both versions, the setup page lets you enter your class roster, class description, quarter and a comment bank These are automatically accessed by all the other pages in the grade book. Setting up and using the grade book is easy and quick.
  • The Traditional TPB Grade Book includes a single grade book and also one for each Quarter with calculations for a Final year-end mark. It also has mouse-overs to describe each assessment.
  • In the Standards-based TPB Grade Book, student grades are automatically averaged for each domain and TPB Grade Book tracks and evaluates all Standards taught in each quarter.
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Another powerful option for our TPB Lesson Planner- and an ideal way to help teachers create even better lesson plans instantly.

TPB Content On-Demand
16,000 Compliant Lesson Plans Available On-Demand

  • TPB Content-on-Demand lesson plans are detailed plans, often an entire unit, with a wide range of materials available.
  • The pre-vetted lesson plans take a teacher through all the lessons for a unit.
  • The plans are organized by subject and grade level. Only appropriate plans are offered within a lesson plan, giving a teacher an immediate choice that will be right for the class needs.
  • Available in Content Packs for school districts, with 50, 100, 500 or 1000 lessons per Pack. These can be distributed to teachers through an automated system.
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About offers products to improve the entire educational ecosystem, from lesson planning and grading for teachers, to analysis and reports for administrators.’s products allow administrators to support their teachers, providing maximum time for planning and teaching.

Their products are the most effective tools available to make administrators more knowledgeable and teachers more effective. Together,’s products form the basis for plans that can improve test scores and school performance at all grade levels.

Partnership with TechXtend

TechXtend is a top partner of, gaining exclusive reseller rights of their products to the New Jersey Public Sector Market. With this partnership, we offer’s portfolio of solutions to our customers to bring lesson planning into the 21st century. Their products allow teachers to be as organized and efficient as possible, providing maximum time teaching, instead of preparing.’s CEO, Marc Leibowitz, stated, “We are proud to have TechXtend on board with With our new release, we have doubled the functionality of, and we have added unique powerful products for administrators, including Learning Analytics. With TechXtend’s knowledge and experience in the educational technology sector, we are confident that they will be able to bring our products and solutions to the right people. Based on response to date,’s cloud-based systems solve many of the problems faced by teachers and administrators. We’re sure that TechXtend’s customers will respond positively to the many benefits.”

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