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Your data center should mean more to your organization than simply specs on a sheet. Our team of X-perts will create a customized design based on your organization's needs.

Whether your starting fresh, upgrading, or moving locations, our X-perts have what it takes.

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Collectively, our X-perts have over 50 years of experience building and maintaining data centers.


A datacenter should be defined by its users. Our team of X-perts will create a design to meet your individual needs.


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Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

The traditional data center is still the lifeblood of many entities and organizations throughout the United States. Many IT managers and data center operators are struggling to keep pace with the demands of both technology and strategic imperatives at their organizations or within individual departments. Managed IT services can help simplify operations and alleviate the stress experienced by an overwhelmed IT or management department. With a managed IT service, you can get your data center under better control, increasing performance and efficiency. See how the TechXtend Difference is specifically tailored to suit the needs of individual organizations and get solutions that will improve your data center infrastructure management scheme.

Solutions for Managing Your Data Center Efficiently and Effectively

In order to do a good job of keeping your power resources under control for your data center, you will need systems and support in place to better manage your data center efficiently and effectively. There are a number of ways to keep your data center under better control for performance and reliability, and TechXtend will consult with your organization to understand how best to approach your data center with software, services and solutions that make the most sense. The TechXtend Difference is a holistic approach to data center infrastructure management. Monitor power and conditions of facility environments to mitigate risks and conserve energy. Pursue energy initiatives with better power management in your data center. Get better computer performance, storage, data security and virtualization solutions, all with the TechXtend Difference.

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

Security of data is important and should be protected at your organization through better data management and information services. Along with data center infrastructure solutions, TechXtend can coordinate with your IT managers, executives, and others to determine the best ways to secure data, improve resource utilization and allocation, streamline management and support, optimize critical and even non-critical processes and operations, comply with regulations and policy objectives, and provide capacity at demand across the data center environment at scale. Consider your immediate and long-term objectives and consult with a certified professional at TechXtend to realize the full potential of your data center and upgrade where needed.

Solutions Designed to Scale

If your current data center needs an overhaul, consider the TechXtend Difference to complete the necessary changes required to perform better, faster and stronger as an organization. Increase capabilities and enhance workflow. Save energy and better dedicate resources effectively in your organization’s network. Ensure compliance and do it all to scale as your business grows or contracts. Approaching your data center management this way will result in better functionality across departments and within your overall IT strategy and plan. The professionals at TechXtend offer best in class services and solutions in data center infrastructure and resource management, tailored to your budget.