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In the era of mass fraud and digital information theft, when digital information is accumulated in massive quantities and used for both commercial and government purposes, security has become more important than ever. Not every entity collecting data is acting scrupulously. Cyber security and on premise data and device security remains, or at least should remain, a top priority for small and midsize businesses (SMBs) as well as enterprise corporate users. In today’s world, businesses large and small are vulnerable. Be vigilant in your quest to provide a safety net for your organization. Remember that security needs to adapt to new and ever evolving cyber threats, espionage and other malicious attempts to breach websites, servers, Intranets and other points of access to critical data. The results of a breach can be disastrous and damage a company’s public perception and reputation, a key factor for success in this ultra-competitive environment. Therefore, it is critical that companies invest their time, budget and other resources effectively into threat analysis and risk management. Companies must ensure safety, compliance, reliability and integrity of internal critical data, such as customer information, trade secrets, personnel records or any other important information archived or stored in digital format.


Encrypted data is the best way to ensure the safety of your information because it provides many layers of protection. Each layer is dynamic in providing the most reliable security for your business and its critical data. Don’t let competitors looking for useful company information breach your server or company devices. Avoid being the victim of fraud and cybercrime. The TechXtend Difference ensures your network can be protected from espionage, criminal acts and other malicious attacks.


Endpoint for your business is an important function of IT security, particularly for enterprise security. Avoid malicious attackers and/or prevent unauthorized access by implementing security installed to protect the endpoint device, providing you the TechXtend Difference. Regardless if the device is a laptop, tablet or mobile phone, data is secure and systems are protected from viruses and malware. If a device is lost or stolen, make sure the end point can be managed and wiped.


The TechXtend Difference will apply a firewall to protect your organization from any cyber threats that exist. Hardware and software firewalls are configured to protect your company’s data and its integrity. Consulting with you on your firewall and looking for vulnerabilities is one of the best ways to get started on a path toward reliable security for your corporate organization or SMB.Firewalls are the first line of defense from outside attacks and there are numerous types of firewalls. Selecting the right kind of firewall protection for your organization is critical. They prevent unauthorized access and provide insight on attacks to allow for adjustment to security posture.


Security solutions from TechXtend extensively cover mobile platforms and devices. We recognize the importance of mobile computing flexibility and its key benefits to business, which is why we have focused so extensively on mobile security. This covers everything from hardware and device management to policies and training.
Mobile computing is becoming the norm for corporations. It provides great flexibility to business and users alike. Mobile management helps to secure data with user permissions. Control what users are allowed to access, prevent unauthorized access to other data via mobile devices and manage mobile devices. Ensure users have functionality without exposing the company to increased risk. These are the value added benefits that a managed solution from TechXtend can provide your organization.

Video Surveillance

On premise security is also vital for avoiding any of the above scenarios from playing out in your organization. This is why the TechXtend Difference goes above and beyond typical managed IT services and provides video surveillance solutions to SMBs and corporate campuses and offices. Your security should be a top priority. According to researchers like Gardner and others, the sad truth about security is that companies of all sizes and types are not doing enough currently to stay on top of securing their critical information, networks, devices and even their physical space.