The sky is the limit.

At TechXtend, we take virtualization beyond just server deployment. Our team of X-perts will sit with you and formulate a virtualization strategy that is aligned with your goals: cost savings, reducing physical space, and beyond.

And we don't just stop there. If your IT department is short on bandwidth, we offer virtual staffing.

Find your X-pert


Collectively, our X-perts have over 50 years of experience working with virtualized environments.


Whether your focus is cost savings, reducing risk, or anything in between, our X-perts will get you there.


Short staffed? Let our X-perts become an extension of your IT department.


Optimize your IT infrastructure by automating workflows and increasing the speed of deployments.


Don’t fence yourself in with your current technology framework. Break out and explore new boundaries with virtualization technologies and experience the TechXtend Difference. Expand the possibilities of what you can do and how you can do it with virtualization that expands capabilities and functionality. The flexibility and cost effectiveness of cloud computing make it a central focus for most IT managers and excutives. Expect more from your IT operations and deploy better cloud technologies to help your organization run better and achieve its core goals.

Server Virtualization

Though these technologies have been around for about a decade already, many firms still see them as new. Server virtualization, from Market Leaders VMWare and Microsoft, actually expands the capabilities of a physical environment. Server virtualization isn’t new and has been the standard for the large majority of IT for more than five years. Companies are leveraging virtualization as the primary standard in their IT infrastructures. TechXtend can provide solutions to implement, improve and grow server virtualization based on the needs of business or organization.

Desktop Virtualization

Moving the desktop from local client to a virtual desktop also has many value added benefits, including IT support cost reduction, license fees, capital expenditure and elimination of up-front cost of purchase. Security and other settings can all be centralized to provide high quality data and policy integrity. Get better performance through virtualizing user desktops at your organization. TechXtend provides access to controlled desktops to users in any location. Expand your ability to provide user location flexibility without exposing critical data or applications to less secure settings. This is especially important as traditional PCs go down and take longer to service. This means you will always have more uptime with a virtualized desktop.

Custom Solutions for Your Business or Organization

TechXtend is an IT solutions provider that serves a great variety of industries in the private sector, including both enterprise and small and midsize businesses (SMBs), as well as government and educational institutions. The TechXtend Difference is designed to give these organizations flexibility, quality and support that only custom IT solutions can provide. Virtualization can be flexibly implemented to meet the core demands of your business, accounting for both internal and external demands. Get control over your company’s BYOD (bring your own device) policy and deploy more and better services and applications through a virtualized desktop or virtual servers, allocating resources to keep operations continuously up to speed with the needs of the business or organization.

Your organization will have access to professional consultants who can design a custom solution and plan, scaled to your needs, using an assess, plan and deploy methodology. Our consultants understand what is necessary for scaling and adjusting to a company’s needs and planning for growth.